Little Glass Animals

Little Glass Animals is a special project to create web site which is entirely dedicated to miniature glass animal figurines. There are many sites which sell Russian crafts, there are some where glass figurines are sold but there is no one yet (at least at the moment when this site was in process of creation) which offers only tiny glass figurines. Little glass figurines (not larger than 1") are quite popular in all parts of the world; many people collect these miniature glass animals. From my customers I got to know how hard to find shops with mini glass figurines and how expensive they are. That is why I arranged a special site where only small glass animal figurines are sold.

These little glass figurines are made with much skill by Russian artists in art glass shops in Saint-Petersburg in Russia. There are no two exactly the same mini animal figurines as all they are blown individually. These beautiful glass figurines are prefect items for collecting as there is a wide verity of them differing in shape and colors. Please pay your attention that different colors and shadows of colors are just different kind of glass, this is not painting. Taking into account how small the figurines are you can imagine how skillful artist should be in order to create them. 

These collectible glass figurines are perfect additions to anyone's collection; they are desired gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas. Quite often customers buy the miniature glass figurines for kids, they just love them.

If your need larger size glass animals figurines please visit my other site Glass Zoo which is devoted to glass figurines or the site Russian Crafts which offers not only glass figurines but also other Russian products, gifts and souvenirs.