• These individually hand-made little glass animal figurines are made by skilled Russian applied art artists in galss workshops in St.Petersburg
  • Hand blown little glass bird figurines - hummingbirds, eagles, owls, crows, parrots, bluebirds, herons, pelicans are created by Russian talented artist
  • Hand-created mini glass catss figurines are made of color glass by Russian artists with much skill in art workshops in St.Petersburg
  • This is a collection of hand-made small glass figurines of different sea creatures and inhabitants - fishes, sea-horses, octopus, dolphins, whales, star-fishes
  • Here are miniature glass figurines which depict different charaters like glass snowman, ghost, gnomes, charecters from cartoon films and from the tales
  • Glass wasp, bumblebee, bee, scorpion, caterpillar, ladybird, dragonfly, grasshoppers mini figurines are made manually and there is no one exactly the same

Some samples of our products Some samples of our products